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 Onwards and Upwards

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PostSubject: Onwards and Upwards   Onwards and Upwards I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2007 11:19 am

With the guild having trouble with the maiden last run we were confident that this time it was not going to stand in our way. After a short speech telling everyone to hug the wall and get into position a certain somebody mentioning no names ( INZA,INZA,INZA,INZA,INZA) pulled the maiden and the first wipe of the night was upon us. 2nd attempt and we managed to get everyone stood were they were supposed to without pulling the maiden great job guys! the rest was simple with a few losses we downed her first proper attempt.

On to the event and if we got Wizard of Oz with our raid setup it would have been raid over or at least on to the optional boss down stairs. Luckily for us this wasnt to be. Step up the Big Bad Wolf and 10 people confident on progressing a little further this night. After 2 attempts and alot of Olliewilldie screaming like a girl as he was chased in little red riding hood mode, we showed the bid bad wolf that he aint so tough. With controlled dps and perfect kiting in red riding mode it wasnt long before we stood before the Big Dead wolf.

Being very pleased with it only being our 2nd day in kara i was happy enough to take down the optional boss before reset and call it a night, but with cries of "we want the curator, we want the curator" i had to take the blood thisty pack upto the guilds first real challenge Mr Curator!

Our first attempt we just had melee on the adds and it didnt go to well at all with us being over run by adds. Second attempt we had everyone on adds again but they were not being killed quick enough. With dps not high enough i asked everybody if they wanted to call it a night. With the hunger to kill another kara boss we gave it one last try. With a few pots and a bit of dps food we stayed on top of the adds AND still managed to dps the boss aswell. Before we knew it the adds had stopped spawning and he was on 5% with everyone still alive. A few seconds later it was lying before us for our 5th boss kill in 2 days.

Very good job all and gratz to Reliz who gets the guilds 1st Tier 4 piece
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PostSubject: Re: Onwards and Upwards   Onwards and Upwards I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 05, 2007 2:29 am

Yaaay That's me What a Face
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Onwards and Upwards
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