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Alliance guild on the EU pvp realm - Haomarush
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PostSubject: netherspite   Wed Oct 31, 2007 7:31 pm

What can i say tried this so many times with no luck at all. the beams were not a problem but phase shift was killing half the raid each time. we spred out along a wall we tried chasing his tail nothing worked for us.

This time we nailed the phase shift and struggled on the beams with mega managing to get all 3 beam debuffs on one attempt.

Each time we got it to 25% ish so we knew if we got our act together it would die. After a few attempts we got it down to 3% and it went enraged lucky for us as it enraged it went into phase shift queue panic and all out nukage. With only a few seconds left before it started one shotting the raid it died.

Great job all
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