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PostSubject: Nightbane   Nightbane I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 31, 2007 7:21 pm

A once wise man told us we lacked the dps to kill nightbane. We told him that we are segregated and that although we are a guild of retards and noobs we will not listen to the words of a wise man and that we will indeed be killing this boss on this night!

After a brief attempt on nightbane the previous day we lost 3 people really quickly and managed to get him to 50% with 7 people. We knew what we had to do and that the most important job fell to Akuna who had to catch nightbane as he landed. If he got the timing wrong it could result in a loss of dps or even a healer.

After a few non serious attempts later we found ourselves at 40% and with no one dead we decided this was it our time of glory. After agreeing to not use pots we changed our minds with it looking like the kill was on. After everything going smoothly through the last flight phase all that was left was the easy task of finishing him off. Did i say easy? bah! we dont make anything easy! After Olliewilldie losing his life all was not lost because he has a soul stone. Rez Mr Fayers Rez!!! As he pressed his use soulstone button, nightbane cast a flame breath right on top of his head and there we were again with 1 healer down. Not to worry.. still most of the raid alive including 2 healers. We could still kill it, but with olliewilldie dead there was no one to put fear ward on our tank. With the raid now looking not so good after nightbane one shotted a few during fear we had a life line as olliewilldie was brought to life with a combat rez which was just in time as i got feared straight into a nightbane right hook. A few shakey minutes later nightbane was dead and the wise man was wrong.

Good job all.
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